In the past 10 years, we have received hundreds of testimonials, and continue to receive new one every day.

"Rennu's program made learning fun and easy developing great study habits. Blaise loves to read now. Her program integrates math, science, art and music and this unique combination develops a well rounded student. Blaise has overcome his speech delay and does not require any special speech therapy classes. He has overcome a fear towards learning and I have seen his confidence level increase with each new challenge. I wish I had known about your programs earlier."

Gina Stanfield

"Jiya joined Genius Kids when she was 3 years old Within 3 months she began to read. The major difference we observed in our child was that she has developed a love for reading, wonderful communication and social skills; she is confident with no stage fear and believes she is now smarter than her parents! We loved the public speaking course and the focus on early reading, communication and confidence. Jiya loved the weekly projects Ms. Rennu has developed. We recommend Genius Kids to all our friends. Thank you for everything."

Meena Bhatia

"It was the twin's first day in Kindergarten today and they were more prepared for school than expected. Last week in their Kindergarten assessments, the teacher had them read some logical questions. She was amazed at their reading and thinking skills and said that my twins were years ahead of kindergarten. Thank you to your wonderful teaching methods and programs for giving them such a solid foundation."

Chitra Karunkaran

"Rennu is excellent. Her Genius kids program is top notch! One of the best things I did for my son is putting him in her program. My son started reading at the age of 2yrs and 3 months. She gave my son the gift of reading. To this date he loves to read and reads well. This has helped him a lot in school. Her program works and is an excellent program. Rennu is outstanding."

Jaya Maharaj

"Rennu runs Genius Kids, an award winning preschool in Fremont, CA. Time and time again she has amazed me with her superlative work ethics and truly inventive ideas to get kids as old as 2years old to read! My kids loved and still love going to Genius Kids and she truly does bring out the best in each child. Also, I have never met anyone more hardworking than her in my life!"

Nitya Balaji

"I think Rennu is a visionary in the field of education. Kids love her and at the same time have a great respect for her. I don't know what magic she has with kids but when I see my 5 year old (Yash) read fluently from his books I just can't seem to believe it is him. She is magical in incorporating interest in kids to read and be involved in mental activities. Yash loves to read, write, and paint ... exactly opposite of what I did when I was his age. I think Rennu is just an amazing personality and a strong pillar of motivation for her kids. Instead of Genius Kids I think we should start calling them Rennu's Genius Kids."

Sunil Killam

"Rennu's vision for multi-faceted education for preschoolers has benefited me and a large number of area residents. With her accelerated learning curriculum and focus on confidence-building, my child has become a confident reader at a very young age. Rennu shows openness to new ideas that help enhance the kids' learning experience. I highly recommend Rennu and Genius Kids for your child's learning needs."

Rajesh Gurjar

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