This site contains over one thousand books written, conceptualized and narrated by Rennu Dhillon, known as Miss Rennu. Rennu is the founder of the award winning accelerated learning centers, Genius Kids (, now a national franchise; The Lil' Genius Kid, and the e-learning site

Her curriculum and dedication to early education has received local, national and global recognition, winning her the prestigious NavRattan Award in 2011, Hind Rattan Award (Jewel of India) 2010, and Outstanding 50 Asian American in Business 2009. ReadwithRennu is available as a free iPhone/android application.

"Many parents of young kids struggle to get their kids to enjoy reading or reading on a daily basis. This is especially not easy for the working parent to find the time to sit down and read with, or read to their child. This results in poor readership skills. Reading to children from the time they are born is a critical exercise since reading stimulates the development of the brain, language and a closer emotional relationship with the child," explains Dhillon. application and website fills that necessary void where parents struggle to get their kids to read daily. It is an innovative way to get kids to learn to read, enjoy reading, making reading fun and easy. The collection of books available to read based on subjects, topics and levels of reading.

An extensive library featuring books in various subjects ranging from Phonics, Phonetic stories, Aesop fables, Stories of the World, Language Arts, Grammar, Science, Spelling Rules, Social Studies, Critical Thinking Skills, History and Geography. Each book has been carefully written keeping it simple and interesting, whilst focusing on a specific topic. Students can select topics in different subjects based on their reading abilities and levels.

The multimedia concept simplifies the learning process where through the use of 4 multiple senses - see, hear, say and do; children engage and retain 90% of what they read.

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